ThirstDC aims to create and foster thought leaders both on and off stage by crafting an informal environment where world renowned experts socialize, interact with, and inspire attendees in a lounge atmosphere.

Instead of the traditional lecture format where you sit and listen, we let you choose your own involvement: Want full engagement? Sure thing, you sexy beast! Sit up front and listen. Wanna flirt, drink, and listen? Gotcha. Stand or sit at the side tables at your leisure. You just wanna full-on network and drink while admiring the speakers from afar? Sweet-Baby Darwin and Wallace, we love that! Come stand by the bar and DJ booth and get to some nerdy cross-pollination!

The best part: You can switch up your involvement as you please. No stinking locked-in-your-chair for you! You're the Nouveau Nerd, and you choose which speakers get your social media love! (Plus, we all know you want to grab that hottie nerd's number!).

In a city where happy hours are just part of the job, thirst DC is a new recurring social concept that twists the typical bar experience and turns it into a "sexy nerd house party", where world-renown experts speak to inspire the attendees to create innovative connections, learn, flirt, drink, and dance while the DJ spins until 2 am. thirst DC's talks are short and thought-provoking, to spark fresh and interesting conversations among its attendees.

thirst DC is an unique opportunity for D.C.'s brightest minds to get together to share ideas. Founded by an intrepid group of nerds, thirst DC creates the perfect environment for DC's nerdiest and sexiest that thirst for knowledge, a stiff drink, and some attractive company. Whether you work in politics or science, but really are passionate about fashion or food, all we ask is that our guests expect the topics to be a bit risque, and in return we ask that they be utterly fascinating.

thirst for technology?
thirst for science?
thirst for art and culture?

All we ask is that you be utterly fascinating.